Bought an Anet A8 and received a Tronxy P802MA. Wait! Where are the instructions?

I heard about Anet A8 as an awesome 3d printing, reviews looked good, lots of Youtubers talking about it, lots of information, I’m exited and set to buy my first 3D printer. Quick search on eBay and there it is, I just bought my first 3D printer.  A few days pass by and the printer finally arrived.

Wait, before opening the box lets take a picture to memorize this moment.  Click! Picture taken.  I do see that the box says Tronxy, but I have no idea what this means.  Lets open the box… everything looks ok.  Click! another picture taken.  This is awesome. Instructions? Hmmm, where are the instructions? ok! Nothing, nada, zip, no papers, this must be super easy.

Tronxy Assemble Instructions: If this is your first printer, let me save you some time. The instructions are in the flash drive or SD card that you should have received inside the package.

As for me, I search on how to assemble an Anet A8, and I found a video of a guy assembling one, but wait… after I got half of the printer assembled, this printer does not look quite the same as the one in the video.  Wait a second, this is not an Anet, this is a Tronxy. What is a Tronxy? What happened.?

That’s right they shipped the wrong item. Search again on the internet and I found that they are similar.

For what I learned, these are clones. Tronxy, Anet, Omsi, Hesine are basically the same. I believe the difference is the OEM Board.

Long story short, I’m not ready to send the printer back, I don’t want to wait more days, deal with refunds, back and forth with emails and photos, etc.   The printer is here, lets give it a try.

Now lets look what is in the SD card.  Ah-ha! Instructions….  Well, I must say that these instructions aren’t like IKEA ones.  Drawings are bit confusing, and you must take your time.  However, between these, the internet, and the video guy, if my 11 year old son was able to pull it off, you can do it too.  We had to reassemble some of the parts, but we were able to get it right.

I’m not sure what type of issues I’m going to find with this printer, but is finally here and I’m ready to give it a try. Next, here is my experience assembling the Tronxy, with and without instructions.

Wait! the instructions are in the SD Card.



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